NKU's Danny Dollar Academy teaches kids about money

The Northerner

How should you learn about college debt?

At NKU, a typical undergraduate could take on about $25,000 in debt by the time they graduate, according to the Department of Education’s College Scorecard.

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NKU Joins Financial Literacy Coalition

Five Kentucky Universities partner with State Treasurer Allison Ball Partners to support Financial Empowerment for K-12 Teachers and Students.

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Train Like A Norse

Health and Financial Literacy

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Professor’s ‘Econ Beats’ Parodies Inspire Creativity, Fiscal Responsibility.

In 2009, Dr. Abdullah Al-Bahrani handed his class an unusual quiz prompt: to write a poem on economics. Nine years later, that assignment has evolved into an international program challenging students to combine financial literacy with musical creativity. Read More

Omani Labor Laws

"Abdullah Al-Bahrani, director of the Center for Economic Education at Northern Kentucky University, said the industry-specific ban has been designed to better regulate employment in specialised industries" Read More

Q1 2018 Hedge Fund Holdings: Top Stocks, New Buys & More

Why Not Social Media


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The Change Agent

Dr. Abdullah Al-Bahrani and the mission to save America from financial illiteracy

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MR University

This interview is part of a series where Marginal Revolution University speaks with educators and thought leaders about how to teach economics and other subjects in today’s classroom.

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What do Fitness, Economics, and the Hotel Covington Have in Common?

نبض الاقتصاد- ابتكار عُماني تتبناه جامعة أمريكية - جريدة الشبيبة


Financial Literacy Interview

Watch: Econ Beats 2016

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NKU President to Deliver Convocation Address on Friday, Two Faculty Members to Talk Innovation

the Economy of Oman and How Racial Discrimination Empowered Him to Succeed in Life and in Economics.

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Ask The Experts: Inside the Future of Dynamic Pricing

Economics rocks Griffin Hall, enhances education

They’ve got ’99 problems’ but extra credit ain’t one