Research for Economists is a class designed to prepare students pursuing graduate degrees in economics. The class focuses on developing the research skills necessary to engage in meaningful research. Students enrolled in the class will work directly with me, with a possibility of serving as research assistant on one of my current projects.

Course Description 

This course is for students interested in conducting original research in economics. There will be an emphasis on identifying data sources, and research methods. Students will prepare an oral presentation, prepare a complete paper, and will serve as peer reviewers to evaluate classmates' research projects. The course will also provide information on graduate school related activities. As part of the class students are expected to attend workshops and research presentations at local and regional conferences.

Student Learning Objectives

Create a collaborative forum that helps students formulate economic hypotheses, test the hypotheses rigorously and communicate the results orally and in writing. Students will present ideas and solicit suggestions from peers, as well as the professor. The interaction with student peers is an important part of the course. The end results should be a high quality, original economics research paper. As peers, students are expected to give feedback to others and also be familiar with other classmates’ research. Your experience in this class will introduce you to STATA, and other data visualization software like Tableau. 

Class Prerequisites

Students interested in enrolling in Research for Economist must have completed Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, and Econometrics-1. Research for Economist can be taken concurrently with Econometrics-2.