Whether you are interested in a job after graduation or progressing towards graduate education, your success will depend on

  1. Taking as much math as possible. Classes are based on NKU names.

    MAT 129 Calculus I - QR (4 credits)

    MAT 234 Linear Algebra (3 credits)

    MAT 229 Calculus II (5 credits)

    MAT 329 Calculus III (4 credits)

    MAT 420 Real Variables I (3 credits) 

    STA 250 Probability and Statistics I (3 credits)

  2. Participating in experiential learning like Eco 392, Internships, or other undergraduate research opportunities.

  3. Developing your database management, and coding skills. I recommend taking courses that introduce you to SQL (INF 282 Introduction to Databases (3 credits)) and Programing( INF 120 Elementary Programming - NS (3 credits)). Eco 392 will introduce you to Stata.

This is a sample 4-year plan based on my advise. A student following this plan will graduate with an Economics degree and minor in Math.

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